9 Ways to Use the Send Tasks from Multiple Email Accounts Feature

Posted 05/02/15 by James and filed under:

Today GTDNext rolls out the ability to send tasks to GTDNext from any email account. This has been a top request for a while now and we are happy to now provide this feature.  Here is how it works.

A unique email address is created for each GTDNext user and all emails sent to that address will create a task in your inbox. The subject line will be the task name and body text in the email will go into the task notes. Any email account can send to this address and the task will be created and land in your GTDNext inbox.

To access this new feature go to the settings page via the “cog” menu on the top right of your GTDNext screen and click “create email” to make your own unique GTDNext email alias.

new feature send email from multiple accounts

In the past GTDNext users were limited to sending tasks via email to GTDNext from the email account used during sign-up. This limitation made it difficult to send tasks from other accounts, say from your work email, or your home email depending on which you used to sign-up for GTDNext.

GTDNext allows each user to create up to five unique email addresses for use in sending tasks to your inbox.  You can also delete existing ones and create a new ones as needed.

This gives users the flexibly to utilize separate emails for different purposes and delete those emails when no longer needed.  For example you could provide one email to your assistant or a key project member and then delete it when you no longer work with that person or the project is over.

While there are probably dozens of uses for this new feature, the below list gives you 9 ideas

#1 – Send email from any email account you own.

This is the most common thing people will want to do with this new feature.  Most people have multiple email addresses.  It’s always been kind of a pain to send tasks to GTDNext if the email was in a different account then you signed up for in GTDNext.  Now just generate a unique email address, add it to the address book of all your email accounts and you are ready to go!

#2 – Use TaskClone to send action items inside of Evernote Notes to your GTDNext Task List

Do you like to use Evernote for notes?  Taskclone is a cool service that will send the actions you mark inside of Evernote to your GTDNext inbox.    Not just the note, but the actual action inside of a note you have created.  Pretty cool service that will now work very well with GTDNext.

#3 – Download “DO Note” to your iphone or Android device and easily add items to your GTDNext task list

Do Note is a simple free app from IFTTT that allows you to send tasks from phone to your GTDNext inbox with one click.  I love this app.  I have it on my home screen and I can easily dump new actions into my GTDNext inbox with just a few clicks.

#4 – Use IFTTT to automate just about anything you can think of!

In addition to Do Note, you can create your own IFTTT recipes to send all kinds of information directly to your GTDNext inbox.

#5 – Give your assistant a separate email alias to send you tasks.

Because GTDNext allows you to create up to five unique email alias per account, you can give a few of these to a trusted assistant and then later delete that unique address when no longer needed.

#6 – Give project team members an alias to send you task directly to your inbox.

Similar to idea #5 above, you can use one of your unique addresses with a project.  You could share this with the team if you wanted to get tasks from the team mates.  Be sure you really want to do this before implementing it.  Or you could end up with all the work!

#7 – Own a website?  Set-up the contact us form to automatically send a copy of the email to your GTDNext

Many contact forms on websites allow you to specify more than one address where you want to send your forms. By adding your GTDNext unique email alias you now have a task come to your inbox any time you get a submission on your website form.

#8 – Setup your fancy new Apple Watch to send tasks to GTDNext.

Just add an your GTDNext task address to your iPhone address book and then tell Siri to “Email GTDNext” anytime you think of a new action.  You can be hip and organized at the same time!

#9 – Use Amazon Echo to send tasks to GTDNext

I just implemented this today and it’s very cool to be able to talk to Alexa and send tasks to my GTDNext account.  Simply go to your IFTTT account and create a new recipe.  Search for the Echo Channel.  Add Echo for the “IF” portion of your recipe and add Email channel  as the “That” portion.  Make sure when you setup the Email channel it is set to send to one of your new unique GTDNext email aliases.  That’s it!  Now whenever you tell Alexa to add an item to the to-do list it will end up in your GTDNext inbox!


The above items are just a sampling of what you can do with this new feature.  While the old method of sending to inbox@gtdnext.com still works this new feature increases the usefulness of sending tasks to GTDNext by quite a bit.  Let us know what new ways you come up to use this feature.  Enjoy!