Attachments and Links – Now in GTDNext

Posted 05/11/15 by James and filed under:

Today in build 6.18 we introduced the ability to add attachments from Google Drive and Dropbox to GTDNext.  Along with this feature we added the ability to add links (URL’s) to GTDNext.

Access to both of these features is via the Action Detail panel.  You will see a paper clip icon that opens up a drop down menu as shown in the screen shot below.

Attachments feature in GTDNext


The first time you choose Dropbox or Google Drive you will be asked to let GTDNext be authorized to access these two services.

After you authorize GTDNext your list of folders and files will then open in a separate window.  Simply pick your file and you are ready to attach it to the current item in GTDNext.

You can attach multiple documents to actions or projects. To open the documents simply click on the name of the document in the edit panel.  To remove the document from GTDNext just click the “x” after the document name.  (See screen shot below) This will not delete your document in the cloud storage service. New Link feature in GTDNext


The second feature launched in version 6.18 is the ability to add links to any URL.  This feature is also accessed via the paperclip drop down menu in the Action Details panel. Or via the keyboard from anywhere by pressing TAB+L.

When selecting “Attach Link/URL” you will see a dialog box that allows you to paste in the URL and to optionally add a description, which makes long URL’s nice and short.

Attaching URL's to tasks is easy in GTDNext

This feature has endless uses, here are a few ideas you can try:

  • Link to notes in Evernote and Onenote
  • Link to individual emails from Gmail or
  • Link to files on cloud storage services not already natively supported by GTDNext like OneDrive, Box, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Link to articles you want to read later
  • Link to research you need to complete
  • Link to websites used to do tasks.  (Pay bills, SharePoint sites)
  • Link to specific records o other online apps, like CRM’s, bug tracking tools and more.

Really the uses are as varied as the types of sites on the web.  Have fun experimenting and let us know if you find a particularly good use that we forgot to mention.


Links and Attachments are two really useful new features for GTDNext to help increase your productivity. We have several other enhancements to these features coming soon as well.  Stay tuned!