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Sequential and Parallel in GTDNext

Posted 07/19/14 by Sergio and filed under:

In creating GTDNext, we are always trying to make the behavior of the system as logical as possible.  Often, the reality appears to be far beyond what we’ve planned in our logic.  The Parallel/Sequential paradigm is one of these cases.

Historically, applications and tools refer to the parallel term only in the context of Actions. The main reason for this (I’m guessing) is probably the internal architecture of those tools.

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Next Actions and Actions Parallelism

Posted 07/10/14 by Sergio and filed under:

This is the first post in a small series concerning the Next Actions, their logic and the parallel/sequential implementation in

In this post, I’ll describe what the “Next Actions” are, and how using them helps to manage your tasks and plan your life better.

In GTD, the “Next Action” is the very first action of a project you are planning.  Having a big number of projects planned makes it a headache to review all of them and all their tasks to choose which one to do now. GTD’s Next Actions makes the process much easier, letting you just pick the action from the Next Actions list (which is much shorter, than all the actions in all projects).

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Scheduled Tasks Functionality in GTDNext

Posted 05/27/14 by Sergio and filed under:

After implementation of basic management of projects and actions in GTDNext it was time to think of the repeating scheduled actions functionality. From the technical point of view it is often a dilemma for the developer.

One approach is to store the scheduled data and just show the user every instance of the event. I guess, is doing something like this.

The other approach is to generate a special entity on every scheduled event. I think it’s Nirvana’s approach. (Not sure if the examples are correct).

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