Beta 1 Released Today

Posted 04/29/14 by James and filed under:

We are very excited to announce our Beta 1 release today.  We have been working on this beta for a long time and it’s exciting to start welcoming users for feedback.  We encourage everyone to sign up for the beta.  However, to make sure we don’t have any issues with bandwidth and our ability to give feedback, Beta 1 will be a closed beta.  You can sign up for early access  by going to and clicking the early access button.

A  list of some of the services offered in GTDNext Beta 1:

  • Create projects with as many sub-projects and actions as you need to track your workimage
  • You can also force any action to appear on your “Next Action” list
  • Areas of Focus are built into the app in a deep and fundamental way, allowing you to truly focus on each of your life’s focus areas without distraction
  • A robust tagging feature lets you add multiple tags to actions and projects, allowing for filtering by context or any other method
  • Our email feature allows you to email tasks directly to your GTDNext inbox
  • Using GTD principles, GTDnext automatically selects the first un-completed action in each project list as a “next action” and lists these actions on your “Next Action” listimage
  • Drag and drop permits you to move your projects and tasks into any order you wish
  • Clicking on the focus icon allows you to specify which items must be worked on today
  • ….plus much more!


We have a huge list of features we are actively working on, but we need your help!
Please sign-up for the beta and start providing feedback via the help link.  Your votes will determine what features we implement next!