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Inbox Zero for GTD

Posted 06/20/14 by James and filed under:

What is Inbox Zero and Who is Merlin Mann?

Merlin Mann coined the phrase “Inbox Zero”, and over a period of years gave this talk to major corporations like Google and Microsoft.  I first heard of Merlin Mann when he spoke at Microsoft back in 2007.   I attended his presentation and greatly enjoyed his presentation style and the message he drove home around inbox zero.

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A video overview of GTD

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There are many overview videos of GTD.  This one is a fairly good one at 6 minutes with some great graphics.  If you are new to GTD or then I highly recommend you watch this video

Scheduled Tasks Functionality in GTDNext

Posted 05/27/14 by Sergio and filed under:

After implementation of basic management of projects and actions in GTDNext it was time to think of the repeating scheduled actions functionality. From the technical point of view it is often a dilemma for the developer.

One approach is to store the scheduled data and just show the user every instance of the event. I guess, is doing something like this.

The other approach is to generate a special entity on every scheduled event. I think it’s Nirvana’s approach. (Not sure if the examples are correct).

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How the next action concept works in

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David Allen’s Getting Things Done Next Action Concept

One of the most important concepts from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” book is the concept of the “next action”.   The idea is that for any project you are working on there is only really one physical next step you can do at any one time.  Listing all of the steps in your project is important when planning the project, but when it comes to the “do” phase or actually working on your task list, all those items can seem a bit overwhelming to see at once.  Read on to see what David Allen says about projects and how GTDNext handles the Next Action concept.

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