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Updates to GTDNext Drag and Drop feature

Posted 12/19/14 by James and filed under:

Today we released an update to the drag and drop feature within GTDNext.  In version we have moved the drag icon from the right side of the screen to the left, where we now utilize the icons for each item. 

We find it more intuitive to drag items from the left side than the right.

Additionally, the code for drag and drop has been completely re-written to make the experience smoother and much less prone to error.  Dragging is much more reliable now, easier and faster to use.  The below video demonstrated how it now functions.

GTDNext Updated Drag and Drop Feature

GTDNext Demo and Walk-Through for October 2014

Posted 10/10/14 by James and filed under:

It’s been quite a while since we have done an updated demo of GTDNext.  Many new features have been added so we decided to create and updated video. 

If you are new to GTDNext this is a perfect way to quickly learn the app.  If you have used it for a while, you may still pick up a trick or two. 

The video covers the following features.

  • How to navigate the outline and program in general.
  • How to add items into the inbox
  • Areas and Tags – what they are and how they are used
  • Using the Projects and Actions area
  • How to use the drag and drop feature
  • Using the focus feature
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Next Actions view – What it is, how to use it
  • Using the “Force Next” option to add items to the next list
  • Using the waiting list
  • Someday List
  • How to create repeating tasks
  • Scheduled Tasks for a future start date
  • Adding due dates to tasks
  • Using the filters to find items fast
  • How the archive feature works
  • How to zoom in on projects and tasks
  • Using the community forums and help feature


GTDNext October 2014 Walk-through and demo

Enhancement to Notes feature

Posted 09/24/14 by James and filed under:

Hello note fans.  In today’s release (5.13) we have made it easier for you to take notes on all your projects and actions.

Notes feature in GTDNext

Instead of having notes only available via the edit panel, you can now create, edit and view notes directly in the main pane.

Just click SHIFT+ENTER while on any item.  This will open up an area to type directly below the item.  The area will grow as you type more.  Hide the area again by either pressing the note icon with your mouse or by hitting SHIFT+ENTER again.

This works in all views.  Take a look at the below video for a quick introduction to the feature.

Archive and Restore Feature

Posted 09/22/14 by James and filed under:

GTDNext now has an archive and restore feature available for premium subscribers to help keep your outline cleaned up and organized.

Archive lets you easily remove completed items from your outline and place them in an archive. It also allows you to restore items as needed. Deleted items are also stored in the archive and can be restored if needed.

As your list of completed items grows bigger and bigger you will eventually want to clean it up to reduce the number of completed items kept in your main outline. This keeps the outline looking nice and neat.

Here are the basics of how the new feature works.

  • The edit panel has a new “Archive” button at the bottom that only shows up for completed items.
  • Press the archive button to move the completed task out of the main outline and into your archive.
  • The archive is located in the left navigation area.  Click to see all your archived actions
  • You can restore a single action or a project and and all it’s actions
  • All deleted items also go to the archive.
  • If you accidently delete an action or a project you can restore it from the archive.
  • The uses a few different colors and font effects to differentiate items.  Completed is black strikethrough. Red is deleted items.  Red strikethrough is canceled items. Black represents parent items that are not archived.

The below video gives a complete overview of how it used.

GTD Prioritization Video

Posted 09/21/14 by James and filed under:

Recently I did a blog post on prioritization.  The post compared a few methods of prioritization to how prioritization is done in GTD.

The post finished off with a quick description of how I do prioritization in GTDNext.  I had a few requests to explain the method I use more in-depth. I made this video in response to that request.

The video takes you through three quick steps that can be done in about one minute.  I do this several times a day. Each time I’m sitting down for another “work session”.  Or as I call in “Next Action Time”.




Using GTD as an Elementary School Teacher

Posted 09/18/14 by James and filed under:

Every once in a while we like to take a look at a specific profession and talk through how GTDNext could be utilized. These are just ideas and a starting point for people to run with. With school starting we focus on teachers in this article. 

Teachers have a very tough job. Keeping track of curriculum for four or five subjects, how far along each child is with specific assignments and  projects, who has handed in their assignments, grades, parent teacher conferences, school projects.  It’s a never ending list and it’s very tough to keep track of it all.  GTD can be very helpful in these types of chaotic situations.

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How to Prioritize your work using GTD

Posted 09/03/14 by James and filed under:

How you prioritize your work using the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology is often misunderstood and sometimes unfairly maligned.  It is a little different than most systems, which seems to cause some confusion as to how to do it effectively.  In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the differences between traditional productivity prioritization methods and GTD, specifically GTDNext.

The Traditional Method.

One of the traditional methods people were taught goes something like this.  It’s called the ABC method and here is what you do.

Create a new list each day of everything that you need to do.  Then go through your list and write A, B, or C next to each task for the day.  A = Vital,  B = Important,  and C = Nice to do.   Then go back through your list and number each item.

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8 Cool New Features in GTDNext

Posted 08/18/14 by James and filed under:

Keep those Features Rolling!

We are a little over halfway through August, and the features keep rolling out for GTDNext! Below is a quick recap of some of the new features released this month.

So far this month, we have delivered the following 8 features:

  1. Ability to prioritize focus list items
  2. Ability to prioritize next action list items
  3. Ability to export project and item texts
  4. Subscriptions went live
  5. Cancel an Action or Project
  6. Waiting List Items with due dates appear in Focus list on due date
  7. Deleting Items no longer requires confirmation (unless it has sub items)
  8. Clicking “done” on a project with more than 5 “un-checked” items requires confirmation

Today’s blog will talk about each feature to help make sure you know how each feature works.

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GTDNext Subscription Launched Today

Posted 08/14/14 by James and filed under:

Earlier today, subscriptions for GTDNext went live!

We are excited to launch subscriptions as this will help create a sustainable business model and allow us to continue providing new features and platforms for GTDNext.

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Sequential and Parallel in GTDNext

Posted 07/19/14 by Sergio and filed under:

In creating GTDNext, we are always trying to make the behavior of the system as logical as possible.  Often, the reality appears to be far beyond what we’ve planned in our logic.  The Parallel/Sequential paradigm is one of these cases.

Historically, applications and tools refer to the parallel term only in the context of Actions. The main reason for this (I’m guessing) is probably the internal architecture of those tools.

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