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Quickly add a Link to GTDNext

Posted 08/28/15 by James and filed under:

Adding a link to GTDNext is very easy.  Especially if you use the shortcut key of TAB+L.

Even when the right panel is not open, you can press TAB+L and a dialog box will open that allows you quickly paste in a URL and a short description of the link.

This makes it very easy to quickly add links to reference materials like emails or websites.

One of the keys to getting the most out of your task management software is speed of use.  The faster you can get things done the more you will want to use the your task app.

Try using this shortcut key to increase not only the usefulness of GTDNext for you, but the speed you in which you use it!

Check out the quick example video below to see this in action.

Adding URL’s as reference items to your tasks and projects in GTDNext

Using GTDNext for Lists

Posted 04/25/15 by James and filed under:

GTDNext is pretty flexible. One of the ways to use it is to keep track of lists of reference items.  In this short video I demonstrate how to use the “Info” mode in combination with tags to give you quick access to all your various lists.  This is a pretty basic example that hopefully gives you some ideas on other ways to combine tags and the info mode to quickly access your reference information.

GTDNext Quick Tip

Working with Outline view in GTDNext

Posted 06/17/14 by James and filed under:

The Projects and Actions list in GTDNext displays an outline (sometimes called tree view) of all projects, sub-projects and tasks in one easy to filter view.   It is one of our most powerful task management features.  Filtering the outline by different areas and tags is a great way to get the big picture of your area while still allowing you to easily focus or zoom in on a single project or sub-project.  Today’s post will provide you with tips and tricks to make sure you are able to utilize all the power of the outline view.

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Send an Email to GTDNext: Achieve Inbox Zero GTD

Posted 06/10/14 by James and filed under:

GTDNext likes to get emails from you!

Just send an email to GTDNext.  You can send an email from the account you signed up for to  Or you can go to the GTDNext settings menu and create a unique email address that you can use to send items to GTDNext from any email account.

The emails show up in your inbox, where you can easily add details to the task.  Switch to Projects and Actions view and you can drag and drop your newly emailed task into the appropriate project or leave it as a single task.

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