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Using GTD as an Elementary School Teacher

Posted 09/18/14 by James and filed under:

Every once in a while we like to take a look at a specific profession and talk through how GTDNext could be utilized. These are just ideas and a starting point for people to run with. With school starting we focus on teachers in this article. 

Teachers have a very tough job. Keeping track of curriculum for four or five subjects, how far along each child is with specific assignments and  projects, who has handed in their assignments, grades, parent teacher conferences, school projects.  It’s a never ending list and it’s very tough to keep track of it all.  GTD can be very helpful in these types of chaotic situations.

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Using Evernote or OneNote for your GTD Software System? Reconsider!

Posted 07/11/14 by James and filed under:

Are you using Evernote or OneNote as your GTD Software?

I often see people write blog posts or even sell ebooks explaining  how to set-up either of these tools to use for their GTD software needs.   I admit, I see the allure.  I understand why they do it.  The idea of using just one tool for all your data capture and task management needs is alluring!  David Allen even preaches that having fewer inboxes is best.  But in my experience, the idea is much better than the actual implementation when it comes to both Evernote and OneNote.  In this post, I’ll explain why.

How much is your time worth?

GTD web appAn important aspect of any GTD system is speed. You need to be able to create tasks and add the correct information to your task quickly. In this area, I find that GTD systems based on either Evernote or OneNote really come up short.  It just takes too long to manually add all the information to each task you create in either OneNote or Evernote.  A good task list manger like GTDNext does much of this for you automatically.

I did some testing, and for me, it takes approximately 21 seconds to apply 4 tags in Evernote. One each for the “What”, “When”, Where”, and “Who” that a popular Evernote GTD system suggests you apply to each action.  All told, it took me 29 seconds on average to create a note (task) in Evernote.

In contrast, it took me (on average) only 11 seconds in GTDNext to create a new task and assign a context.  GTDNext automatically puts it on the active list, and I didn’t need to select what project the task was part of because I just clicked into the correct project before typing. Something you can’t do in Evernote.

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Half the Year is Gone. How are Your Goals Going?

Posted 07/01/14 by James and filed under:

Have you used the first part of the year as productively as you planned?  Today we will look at some strategies you can utilize using  GTDNext as your goal management software.  GTDNext can help you plan, manage, reflect upon and ultimately reach you goals for the second half of 2014.

Even if you don’t use GTDNext (yet), you should find this post helpful as you think through your own processes.

Setting up and Tracking your Goals in GTDNext

GTDNext allows for an unlimited number of levels of projects, sub-projects and tasks.  This ability allows users to be very intentional about the connection between their goals and the projects that support those goals.

For example, one way you can set GTDNext is as shown in the below pictures.  Setting a top level project for each goal allows you to easily keep track of the big picture.  Add a “goal” tag to each goal to allow for easy filtering.

The picture below shows how you can easily collapse your projects and by filtering on a tag like “Goal” you can see all your goals very easily.

goal management software

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