Half the Year is Gone. How are Your Goals Going?

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Have you used the first part of the year as productively as you planned?  Today we will look at some strategies you can utilize using  GTDNext as your goal management software.  GTDNext can help you plan, manage, reflect upon and ultimately reach you goals for the second half of 2014.

Even if you don’t use GTDNext (yet), you should find this post helpful as you think through your own processes.

Setting up and Tracking your Goals in GTDNext

GTDNext allows for an unlimited number of levels of projects, sub-projects and tasks.  This ability allows users to be very intentional about the connection between their goals and the projects that support those goals.

For example, one way you can set GTDNext is as shown in the below pictures.  Setting a top level project for each goal allows you to easily keep track of the big picture.  Add a “goal” tag to each goal to allow for easy filtering.

The picture below shows how you can easily collapse your projects and by filtering on a tag like “Goal” you can see all your goals very easily.

goal management software

The Connection Between Goals and Projects

In the below screen shot notice how you can expand the outline to see all the projects, sub-projects and tasks that support your goals.  Using the expand and collapse buttons allows you to quickly view each of the projects and tasks that support each goal.  During your weekly reviews you can then evaluate each goal and determine if you have the right projects in place to support each goal and the correct next actions in place as well.

This is a far better method then keeping track of your goals in a separate app  or paper notebook where there is no connection between the goal and the projects and actions supporting those goals.

Goal Software:  Project Review

Working your Plan– Reflect and Engage

When it comes time to complete the last two steps of GTD (Reflect and Engage)  it can be handy to look at your next actions from the perspective of how they support your goals.  In GTDNext you can easily do this in the Next Action List by filtering on your “goal” tag.  See the picture below.

All other next actions not connected to your goals are filtered out and you can clearly see which next actions available to you would support your goals.  Again, this is difficult to do when using a separate application (or notebook) for tracking your goals.  From here you can either get to work on your actions or you can mark them as “focus” to further refine your list.

GTD Steps Reflect and Engage

Alternative Method for Managing Goals in GTDNext

The above method of having your goals as top level projects with GTDNext works great for most people.   For others it’s nice to have your goals handy, but you don’t need the ability to view projects in association with your goals.  Or they would rather keep their projects at the top level.  For those people the “Info” mode within GTDNext is an excellent choice.  It allows you to keep your goals within the app, but at the same time keep your projects front and center.

Using this setup your goals won’t be listed in the Project list in the Left window area or in the  Next Action view.  See picture below for an example of how this could be setup.  Notice the red box highlighting the blue circles with the white “I” .  This indicated that these items are all informational, or reference.   You can go as many levels deep as you want to manage and track your goals in this manner.

Goal Tracking Software

Take the Second Half by Storm!

Hopefully the first half of the year has been a productive one and you have kept on top of your goals.  Monitoring them and working on them daily and weekly.   If that hasn’t happened, don’t worry.  You are not alone.   Change can happen in an instant.

Now is the time to refocus your efforts.  Make the second half of 2014 your best half year effort yet.  Give it all your effort.  Sign up for a free account and utilize the power of GTDNext to help you keep focus on what is most important to you.

Setup a series of projects to support each goal. Make sure each and every project has a next action set up.  Then set repeating actions to remind yourself to review your goals and projects weekly.  Then most importantly Engage!  Make it happen.

Feedback Encouraged!

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