GTD Softare: Version 1 coming soon – Help us prepare!

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GTDNext – GTD Software Version 1 – Coming Soon!

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks working hard on GTDNext the GTD Software we hope you will all be using soon!  Since Beta 2 launched on May 18th we have had 10 more builds of the product and have continued to add tons and tons of functionality to GTDNext.

We are working hard to stabilize the product, fix remaining bugs and do some slight enhancements. Soon we will announce the release of version 1. Version 1 will be open to the public and no longer require approval to join the beta. We view version 1 as a starting point, not a finish line. The product has all the main features completed so it’s time to open it up to more people and get feedback. The first version will be free. As we get feedback in we will determine the best model for free versus paid.

For those of you that have already joined the beta, thank you!   We appreciate your help so far with the beta and would appreciate some more help in preparing for Version 1.   Any time you can spend checking for errors would be appreciated.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to join there is still time.  You can register for access to the beta here.

Survey – Help us prepare!

Please take some time to fill out this short (4 question) survey to help us gauge readiness for release. (click here)

If you haven’t checked us out in the last few weeks let me give you some details on what you have missed.

New Features added in the last few weeks

Feature Description
Scheduled tasks Schedule a task to appear on your next action list sometime in the future.
Repeating tasks Set your tasks to repeat, daily, and weekly on particular days, monthly, yearly or periodically after completion.
Due Dates for tasks Set due dates for your tasks and projects
Checklists Create checklists for your weekly review or grocery trip
Parallel / Sequential Projects Ability to decide if you want your subprojects to progress in a sequential mode, showing each next action only after the previous action or project is complete or in a parallel fashion, allowing next actions from multiple projects to surface on your next action list. You can mix and match as well
Quick inbox input panel Press Tab+N or click in the new input box at the top of the screen to quickly capture new ideas and send brain dumps to the inbox
Notes icon An icon now displays if your task or project has notes associated with it. Click the icon and go to the notesIf your note or project has accompany notes, you will now see an icon after the title of your project or action to let you know that it has notes
“new” icon New tasks show a new icon for one day after creation. This icon “bubbles up” to display even if a project is collapsedThe “new” icon shows up for one day after you have added an item to your outline to remind you that it contains new items
“has due” icon The “Has Due” icon shows if your project is collapsed and has items that are due inside
Collapse or Expand your outline Clicking the open or closed folder icon at the top right of the Projects and Actions area collapses or expands all projects in the current view
Zoom to any level of your project By clicking CTRL+Mouse Click you can zoom into any level of the Projects and Actions view. Use the breadcrumbs to zoom back out
SLL (HTTPS) 128k encryption of data All data sent over the internet is now encrypted with 128 encryption
Someday List Someday lists shows all tasks and projects in your entire outline marked as someday
Waiting List Waiting list shows all task and projects in your entire Project and Action outline marked as waiting
Scheduled List Scheduled List shows all tasks and projects in your entire Project and Action list shown as scheduled or with a start date in the future plus all repeating tasks
User Interface updates The user interface has had many minor updates. For example the “All Projects” area is now simply called “Projects and Actions”
Many Bugs squashed! We have squashed all the bugs we can find. Help us squash a few more!

Thanks again for your help in preparing for our version 1 release. We appreciate your feedback (click here to give feedback on this blog post on our forum) and support very much!

James and Sergio