GTDNext Demo and Walk-Through for October 2014

Posted 10/10/14 by James and filed under:

It’s been quite a while since we have done an updated demo of GTDNext.  Many new features have been added so we decided to create and updated video. 

If you are new to GTDNext this is a perfect way to quickly learn the app.  If you have used it for a while, you may still pick up a trick or two. 

The video covers the following features.

  • How to navigate the outline and program in general.
  • How to add items into the inbox
  • Areas and Tags – what they are and how they are used
  • Using the Projects and Actions area
  • How to use the drag and drop feature
  • Using the focus feature
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Next Actions view – What it is, how to use it
  • Using the “Force Next” option to add items to the next list
  • Using the waiting list
  • Someday List
  • How to create repeating tasks
  • Scheduled Tasks for a future start date
  • Adding due dates to tasks
  • Using the filters to find items fast
  • How the archive feature works
  • How to zoom in on projects and tasks
  • Using the community forums and help feature


GTDNext October 2014 Walk-through and demo