GTDNext Subscription Launched Today

Posted 08/14/14 by James and filed under:

Earlier today, subscriptions for GTDNext went live!

We are excited to launch subscriptions as this will help create a sustainable business model and allow us to continue providing new features and platforms for GTDNext.

Subscriptions are $4.00 USD per month. A substantial discount is given for subscribers who purchase a yearly subscription. Yearly subscriptions are just $29,  which is a 39% savings over the monthly subscription cost. More account and subscription info can be found in our Accounts FAQ.

GTDNext will be offered under the freemium model. Users can freely utilize the product and create up to 200 items (actions, projects and subprojects) and 4 areas of focus before they need to either delete items or purchase a subscription to add more.

As a thank you to our loyal beta testers and early adopters, you will find that many of you have been “gifted” with 1 to 3 months of premium subscription. We so appreciate your feedback and ideas on the forum.

We continue to be very thankful for the great engagement we have seen with the forum and through our support channels. If somehow we missed you, and you find that you do not have some free premium time added to your account , please contact support (do not reply to this thread).

We encourage everyone to upgrade today and secure your subscription at this low price. As we continue to enhance the product and add more platforms and features, our subscription prices will increase. Subscribing now will lock you in at the current price for as long as you remain a subscriber.

Click here to GO Premium!

Again, thank you for your support!
James and Sergio