Send an Email to GTDNext: Achieve Inbox Zero GTD

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GTDNext likes to get emails from you!

Just send an email to GTDNext.  You can send an email from the account you signed up for to  Or you can go to the GTDNext settings menu and create a unique email address that you can use to send items to GTDNext from any email account.

The emails show up in your inbox, where you can easily add details to the task.  Switch to Projects and Actions view and you can drag and drop your newly emailed task into the appropriate project or leave it as a single task.

Inbox zero with GTDNext

Quickly Send Tasks from Outlook, GMail and other email applications

Depending what email client you run there are ways to partially automate the process of getting emails into GTDNext.   Below we show how to do this for Outlook, but most email clients have this ability.

For example here is how I have my quick step setup in Microsoft Outlook.  Notice that after the email is sent to my GTDNext inbox I have the message automatically moved to my archive folder.  Inbox Zero!

Outlook Quick Steps for GTD


Now I just click the Quick Step in the tool ribbon anytime I want to quickly send an email to my GTDNext inbox.  Very easy and fast.

Email tasks to GTDNext from outlook


Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook all have tricks you can use as well  – let us know what your favorite GMail trick is to forward emails to GTDNext! and for achieving Inbox Zero GTD!