Mobile Web APP Now Available

Posted 08/19/15 by James and filed under:

GTDNext is now available on your smart phone and tablet.  Simply point your mobile browser to and click login.  Now you can start getting things done on the go!

With the mobile web version you have full access to your Projects and Actions list, your Next list and all your other lists as well.

In addition you can filter your list and add items to the inbox.  On the road?  Filter your Next list by “errands” to quickly remember things to do while you are out.

In the future we will add the ability to increase font sizes and indent/outdent items in the Project and Actions view. All these enhancements have been made possible by updating our web app to use a responsive design.  Give it a try now!  (please make sure you have “Private” turned off on you mobile browser – we don’t support that mode)

When using the app on smaller screens you will notice the app changes its appearance and behavior in the following ways.

  • The left panel disappear and is now accessed via the “hamburger” menu in the top left corner
  • The area and tag list are now shown via drop down menus.  You can still select more than one tag or area in the drop down
  • The add new item entry box is now shown as a “plus” sign at the top of the app. Click to quickly add items to your inbox
  • Moving items up and down the lists is done via pressing and holding in the white area to the right of items and moving them up or down

Below are some features you will notice when utilizing the mobile version of the app.

getting things done app on mobile web

We are excited to bring you this new way of interacting with GTDNext and will continue to add enhancements to the mobile web views and continue to work on dedicated mobile apps as well.

  • Jan-Erik S. Halvorsen

    Sounds good. It will make it more useable to me. But on my MS/Nokia Lumia 930 it only shows the same as on the web. Have you tested it with Windows Phone 8.1?

    • can you open up a support ticket with us? I’d love to see screenshots, etc of how it looks. thx!

  • Scott MacDonald

    This doesn’t appear to be awesome on my Nexus 5 in Chrome either. Check this out combined with Ghostlab for efficient mobile testing on multiple devices:

    We have set up a device lab where I work and it has radically improved mobile testing.

    I will give it another shot later when I have more time to work with it.

    • Oh, okay, good to know! We’ve noticed it doesn’t play well in private modes, so maybe that was the issue.