New Features April 2017

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We’ve been busy over the past few months.

Below is a quick summary of some of the new features we have released recently.

Today View

Actions that are Due today or schedule items that are due today now show up automatically in a new view called the “Today” view. The Today view is accessed from the left panel and is great as a central spot to see items that have come due and items that are scheduled to start today.  Additionally, you can drag any item to the Today view and create an agenda of tasks you plan to work today.

At the end of the day, any incomplete tasks will move to the “Past Actions” section of the page.  You can easily drag those items back up to the Today section of the view if you decide you want to tackle it the next day.

Today View in GTDNext

New Real Time Sync:

We’ve updated our data syncing engine to use a platform capable of keeping billions of pieces of data in-sync every hour.  Powerful enough to use for real-time stock trading. This technology will help set the stage for upcoming features and new platforms. Short term it gives us the ability to sync the inbox.  You no longer need to hit refresh when sending an email to GTDNext. The inbox will update itself.

New Look:

Back in January, we updated the UI to a more modern and polished look. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, then take a look!


  • nyrulez1

    I came across your app today via a pointer elsewhere and it looks very promising! – before I dive into your app, what’s the support for completed tasks ? I haven’t started using anything other than workflowy because once a task is done, there is no way to track them or look at them or categorize/measure previous success, it’s only about what’s remaining. In fact I haven’t found a single app that respects completion (apart from workflowy because there I can set it up the way I want but I miss other features like reminders etc). Does GTDNext have good support for completed tasks ?

    • You can look at a project and turn on a filter that shows all completed tasks. That way you can view the project and see your past (completed) tasks, as well as your upcoming tasks. I hope that answers your question. Thanks!