New Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Posted 07/20/15 by James and filed under:

In today’s build  of GTDNext we added some shortcut keys that we think you will find helpful.

GTD Software Keyboard shortcuts


Moving items up and down in the Project and Action view can now be done via the keyboard by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+UP or DOWN arrows.  This allows you to easily move the position of Projects or actions in your outline. This same functionality will soon be added to the Next and Focus lists as well!

Add a URL to the right panel can now be quickly accessed by hitting TAB+L.  This will bring up the URL dialog box where you can quickly record the URL and URL friendly name.

Pressing TAB+F will quickly add the current item to the focus list and using TAB+X will toggle “Force Next” on and off for the current item.

We’ve updated the shortcuts help panel (above picture) that is accessed from the left navigation pane in GTDNext.

Enjoy and thank you for using our GTD Software, GTDNext!