New Version of GTD Book Released

Posted 04/03/15 by James and filed under:

David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done has released an updated version of his best selling productivity masterpiece.

GTD was first released in 2001 and this new edition is the first overhaul that David has completed on the book in about 15 years!

Below is a picture I took of my original copy and of the new version that came out in March of 2015.

New edition of Getting Things Done by David Allen

I’m working my way through the new version now and will likely write some blog posts discussing differences and updates when I finish.

In the mean time.  If you haven’t read the book at all, or haven’t read it for a long time, now would be a great time to get a copy and get (re-)acquainted in depth with the methodology.

Let me know (in the comments below) what you think of the new version.  What differences did you notice?  Any changes to your workflow based on reading it again?