Recent Webcast with David Allen

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Whether you are a beginner or an expert in GTD it’s always useful to review the concepts and hear new ideas you missed in the past.

Here is a great interview with David Allen by Eindblazen a dutch Podcast site from April 2016.  Enjoy!

  • Marília Albornoz Serralta

    Love this guys! Thanks.
    From Brazil to Amsterdam via San Francisco!

  • Marília Albornoz Serralta

    Btw:Whats the name of the app created by Dutch people that he uses to send notes directly to his email?(it is too long to find it again in teu podcast…) thanks!

    • Ah, I didn’t catch it either. However, if you haven’t tried – DoNote by IFTTT it’s great and can send a task directly to your GTDNext inbox. I use it daily!

    • FurryFennec

      Braintoss is the app David referenced.

      • Ah thank you. I will check this out. DoNote is great, but who knows this one might be better!

      • Marília Albornoz Serralta

        thank you. i’ll give it a try.