Someday List Feature Change

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Recently I noticed a problem. I had more projects on my active list than I could possible tackle. My weekly reviews were taking too long because I was reviewing each and every project for next actions and was actually beating myself up a bit because I was constantly not making progress on many of the items.

Per GTD I should have moved any project I wasn’t actively working on to my “someday” list, but hadn’t taken the time to do it and I was experiencing the negative side effects of having too much on my list.  I was stressed!

When I finally did review all the projects and marked a bunch of them as “someday” I found another problem.  This problem wasn’t with my methodology, but with the way GTDNext displays someday items.  Before today, all someday tasks were showing in our someday list, but projects were not showing up on this list.

So if you had a project marked as “someday” with 10 actions all 10 of those someday actions would show up on the someday list, but the project itself would not be listed.


Seeing all my someday actions, but not my someday projects on the Someday list was not very helpful!

What I really wanted to see was a list of any projects that I had marked as “someday”.  Plus, I want to see any individual tasks inside of active projects that are marked as someday.

Starting with today’s  build 6.22 (July 13th, 2015) this is exactly what you will now see.  Any projects that are marked as Someday now show up in your Someday list.  Any actions inside of those projects are now hidden from the Someday list.  Any actions inside of an active project that are marked as someday/maybe will continue to appear on the someday maybe list.

As you can see on the screenshot below, the first three items are projects and the last item is someday action inside of an active project.


Below is a screen shot from the main Projects and Actions outline view of an active project.  Notice that the third item in the project is showing grey, meaning it is set to “someday”.  This someday item shows up in the Someday list above, with a link to the active project.  You can see in the above screenshot.  It’s the last item on the list.


This new change makes it much easier to find all of your projects that have been marked as “someday” and easily update them back to “active” when you are ready to work on them.  It also still allows you to easily find individual actions within projects that are marked as “someday”.

I hope you find this change in functionality as helpful as I do and that your someday list remains short!

  • Rafael Garcia

    It seems like a project should show the folder icon regardless of whether you are viewing Projects & Actions or Someday. I also think you want the flexibility to expand and collapse these projects in either view.

    • Great point Rafael on the icon. We will take a look at that. Adding in the expanding in lists other than the main outline is much harder and isn’t something we have on our map right now. Providing a link that takes you to the project in focused view is more possible and we look at that.

      • Rafael Garcia

        A between the project in Someday and the project in the focused view would be very good.

        • I just realized this already exists. When you are in the someday list and see a project you want to focus on, just CTRL+Click on the Project and GTDNext will focus on this project and show all tasks. Or you can hit ALT+Right Arrow. Thanks!