Version 1 Release Announcement

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Today we are announcing the release of version one of GTDNext

When we set out to create GTDNext, we understood that we were entering a crowded space with many other great GTD task management applications on the market. We knew the importance of moving fast, and being competitive and innovative.

We provide users with advanced features in an easy-to-use interface.  Customers wanted fast development cycles and a team that would listen. GTDNext V1 accomplishes these goals very well.

In 3 sprints with 20 to 30 builds in each sprint over exactly a 5 month period,we are proud to announce release candidate build 1.3.26 as our version one. Version one contains all of the below features. Sign up for free here.

Getting Things Done

A summary of some of the GTDNext Version 1 features.

  • Outline Interface – Easily enter and view project and task information by using the power of the GTDNext outline view
  • Edit Panel – The edit panel  contains all your project information and also hides easily to let you focus on just your project outline
  • Sub-Projects – Add as many levels of subprojects as needed to organize your project
  • Next Action List – The next action list is powerful in GTDNext.  It lists the next action from each project automatically.
  • Focus List – Choose the actions you want to focus on right now and get to work
  • Waiting List – Items marked as “waiting” appear on this list
  • Scheduled List – All repeating tasks and dates with a future start date are listed here
  • Someday List – Projects and tasks that you want to get to someday
  • Quick Add – Press TAB+N or click the quick add input area to quickly add new tasks
  • Inbox – New tasks start as inbox items until you can organize them in the Projects and Actions view
  • Email to Inbox – Send new tasks to to appear in your inbox
  • Repeating Tasks – Set tasks to repeat every day, periodically, or on certain days of the week, month, year
  • Start Date – Schedule a task to start on a future date
  • Due Dates – Set a hard date by which your task or project is due.  See due date indicators in the all lists.
  • Tags –  Apply tags to each project and task
  • Areas – Each task can have an Area,  which is like the GTD concept of areas of focus or areas of concern
  • Global Area Filtering – The entire app can be globally filtered by area
  • Filtering by Tag or Area – All lists can be filtered by area and by tag
  • Drag and Drop – Drag projects and items from one project to another or change the order of items in the Projects and Actions view
  • Search – Search the Projects and Actions view to easily find your information
  • SSL Security – Full 128 bit security
  • Robust Hosting and Backup – Your data is safe.  We utilize a top cloud hosting solution and backup your data daily.
  • Notes –  Each Project and Task has a notes area to record more information about each Project or Task

What is the Next Action?

While version 1 is the culmination of a lot of long days and late nights and hard work, it really just marks the start line for GTDNext, not the finish line. We are just getting started.  We have a huge number of features that we are working on and are excited to bring to our users.

We will continue to learn from and listen to our user base and add features and at a fast pace. While version one is an incredible task manager to do list system, the future of GTDNext is even brighter.

For a short time, GTDNext version 1 is free to use for an unlimited number of projects and tasks. All we ask is that you tweet about it or  post about it on facebook or Google Plus. Let the world know about our software!

Click the link below this blog post and let your friends and co-workers know about us.

Over the next few weeks, we will launch a paid version of the software.   Users who come on board at version 1 will continue to be able to utilize the full feature set of version one and create a very healthy number of new projects and actions.  We will utilize the freemium model, offering a standard version of the software with a generous number of items (projects and tasks) along with a premium version with unlimited tasks and premium features.

Thanks to all our beta testers for your feedback and input into the project.  All active beta testers will get premium for free for a period of time.  More info soon.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the forum, or down below in the comment section.